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IFFT 2017 - Highlights




The ancient art form of Koodiyattam, originally from the south state of Kerala in India, manages to attract the attention of the very beautiful and talented vasudha from a nondescript town,somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas in north of India. Vasudha, an ardent student of dance is mesmerized by the dance form and wishes to learn the art from the great Parameswara chakyar,the only living legend of koodiyatam. Vasudha reaches the gurukul to master the art, and is soon accepted as a family member of the guru.in a sudden twist of fate, chakyar‘s son jinan visits his family home and is stunned by the beauty of vasudha. Jinan develops deep feelings for vasudha and finally gathers courage to express his love for her. A happily nervous Jinan, with a gift in his hand reaches her room to give her a surprise and to express his love for her,when he was taken aback by what he witnessed through the half-closed door of vasudha’s room, what jinan saw threw him into a fit of rage.He was devastated. Hecouldn’t believe his eyes when he saw vasudha in the arms of his father! Jinan in a fit of rage, insults his father, the great chakyar who unable to take the insult,commits suicide. What happens next? Will the great guru die? Was jinan right it insulting his father with what he saw or was there something more than what the eyes saw? Did vasudha have same feeling for Jinan? Will she be able to accept her guru’s insult by his son? Is vasudha at fault? Will jinan finally get the love of vasudha? Will vasudha ever forgive Jinan or will it be an end to Jinan’s love story? Anurakthi, a twisted love story in the backdrop of the ancient art form of koodiyattam takes through the journey of love, passion, respect, misunderstanding and perspective

Asokan P.K

A mechanical engineer and software consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in India and overseas has been working in film and television, corporate videos and events shoots for over 9 years .the film ANURAKTHI will mark asokans debut as a director. He made a Hindi 3d feature film and a Marathi children 3d feature film .he also provided 3d consulting, cameras and technology for first 3d feature film in Guajarati which is final production stage .he is also in the process of making India’s first 4d feature film which will be on floor in 2018