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IFFT 2017 - Highlights


Heart of a dog

Synopsis Based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s acclaimed novel ‘Heart of a dog’, the film digs deeper into the text in search of the philosophical undercurrents and bring forth refreshing dimensions on the anthropomorphic nature of all the human constructs. Ultra experimental in cinematic form, it creates a hybrid, synthetic and inter- textual imagery through which the filmmaker achieves something unusual; converging the ideas and emotions rooted in time into spatial forms. Film tries to go beyond all the conventional storytelling methods and breaks the spatiotemporal continuity to deconstruct the mainstream ideas on representational realism and show us how simulated the narraturgy is. It transcends all the structure of filmic form / content through disconnected, fragmented and various contradictions which creates a refreshing mosaic of audio-visual landscapes. Film achieves a kind of poetic quality through going beyond the existing ideas and creates a polyphonic , kaleidoscopic break in the cinematic form and content which is truly epistemological in.