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K W Joseph Film Award – 7th Edition

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The 15th Edition continues KW Joseph’s legacy to promote and encourage and recognise excellence in Indian filmmakers by awarding the K W Joseph Film Award to the best debut Indian film of the year

Kattookaran Warunny Joseph, born on November 26th 1871 in Ollur, Kerala, was the first bioscope exhibitor in Kerala. In early 1907, he purchased the first projector and a few movies from railway officer Vincent Paul who bought the setup from a French exhibitor, and had the first showcase in Thrissur, under the banner -Jose Bioscope. This first exhibition used a manual projector and a tent that could fit around hundred people at a time, showcasing videos of blooming flowers, horse races and the life of Christ with unrelated narrations that nevertheless astounded the crowd. He toured all of south India with Jose Bioscope and eventually established the first electrically operated film projection named Jose Electrical Bioscope, with the advent of electricity, in 1913. An unprecedented disaster struck when he lost his bioscope to a storm, when sailing from Mangalore after an exhibition. Not one to give up, K W Joseph, founded Royal Exhibitors company, in partnership with a few others. His eldest son Jose K Varghese followed his footstep and  eventually founded Babysun Talkies, laying the foundation for film exhibition in Kerala. K W Joseph passed away on 26th May, 1925, leaving behind a legacy for the Malayalam Film Industry.

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K. W. Joseph Film Award

K.W.Joseph – Kattookaran Warunny Joseph
(Father of malayalam Cinema Theatre Industry)


First BIOSCOPE exhibitor in Thiru-kochi .
First BIOSCOPE projection @THRISSUR Thekkinkad Maidanam (poora parambu) was conducted by K.W.Joseph in 1907.


First electrically operated film projection also established by K.W.JOSEPH, named JOS ELECTRICAL BIOSCOPE at Trichur in 1913


JOS Theatre, 1st cinema theatre in Thrissur was established by K.J.Devassy, son of K. W. Joseph. Jos Theatre is still functioning in the place where it was established. It is now owned by Mr. Mohan Paul Kattookaran, grandson of K.J.Devassy. SAPNA Theatre (formerly RAMAVARMA Theatre, established in1932 by sri.Naganathan), which was bought by KD.PAUL in 1976, is also owned by Mr. MOHAN .
Thrissur Chalachitrakendram has established K. W. Joseph Lifetime Achievment AWARD to commemmorate the contributions of K. W. Joseph and to honor great minds working in various fields of Cinema.


P.K.NAIR (Former Curator,National Film Archives of India),
Archivist, Film Historian, father figure in ART FILM Industry in INDIA was selected for the first K. W. Joseph Lifetime Achievment AWARD.
To honor the meritorious service rendered by P. K. Nair, Thrissur Chalachitrakendram has published a book,
P. K. NAIR: Nalla Cinemayude Kaavalal written by Roshny Sapna




3rd Kattookaran Warunny Joseph Award 2015

2016-17 :


2017-18 :

Film Producer, General Pictures

2018-19 :

Film Director, GARO language Movie



King George the 5th came to Bombay.
Maharaja of Cochin halted at Sholapur on his way to attend the Durbar.
K.W.Joseph and his team camping there visited him at the guest house .


Touring Cinema – Bioscope
Dismantled after Tent Projection
Waiting to move next Market place for PROJECTION